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Animal Hospital of the Crossing is Equipped with Endoscopes

There may be times when your veterinarian recommends a procedure called an endoscopy for your dog or cat.  Endoscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure that aids us in the diagnosis of disease and emergency situations.  It allows us to view inside your pet’s body and visualize the organs and internal systems without performing surgery. Endoscopy involves the use of endoscopes, or small cameras, which can be guided throughout your pet’s body via small incisions or naturally-existing orifices.  The endoscope is a tube with a camera and light on the tip.  The endoscope itself is either rigid or flexible.  We are able to take biopsies utilizing specialized instruments inserted through a channel in the endoscope.

Endoscopy may be recommended after a thorough physical examination and other diagnostic testing for your pet has been performed. This non-surgical procedure minimizes the time your pet is under anesthesia and usually reduces the need for a hospital stay.   For examination of the intestinal tract, fasting may be required for 24-48 hours.  Most dogs and cats will go home after the day of the procedure and usually do not experience pain or discomfort following the procedure.  Complications from endoscopy itself are rare and will be discussed with you at the time of the procedure.

Endoscopic procedures include:

We have the most modern, up-to-date, endoscopy equipment:

Flexible Endoscopy

Flexible endoscopes consist of a long, flexible insertion tube with a bending tip at the end that enters the body, an eyepiece, and a control section.  The tip of the endoscope is manipulated using a control knob in the hand piece.  With our flexible endoscopy equipment we can examine and obtain diagnostic samples of the trachea and lower airway, the stomach and intestinal tract.

We utilize the flexible endoscope in the following procedures:

Rigid Endoscopy

Our rigid endoscope enables us to perform thorough examinations of the urinary tract, nasal passages and airway systems.The rigid endoscope cannot be used in some areas, such as the stomach, because it does not have the bending tip so it cannot be flexed to allow examination of all parts of the stomach.

We utilize the rigid endoscope in the following procedures:

We are equipped to perform  endoscopy  on a wide range of pets.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think your pet might benefit from this procedure.

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